Bath 2021 Judged by Malcolm Smith
Bath 2021

Huge congratulations to the Officers and Bath Committee for staging a wonderful show in very challenging circumstances. Thanks also to my able stewards, Dave and Andy, for helping me to make the best use of the ring. But the biggest thank you goes to you, the exhibitors, for providing me with a stunning entry, despite the glut of shows being staged at the moment. It was a lovely entry to go over and you topped the Utility Group numerically. As most of you were aware, I have decided to retire from all further judging. It is 40 years since I awarded my first set of CCs at Perry Park. During this period I have had some exciting appointments and had my hands on some wonderful dogs. I have had the privilege and pleasure of judging in ten different countries on 18 occasions, memories of which I shall always treasure. I have one further appointment to fulfil and that is as Referee at the next Jt. Clubs’ Ch Show, and I consider this as so very appropriate to finally bow out. Thank you all again for a lovely entry. The general standard today was very acceptable and it was pleasing to see more loose lead handling and much more consistency in correct head shapes. However, I do have a couple of concerns. The first is that I was rather surprised at the number of exhibits who were carrying excess weight, and the second of more importance, is the tail set and carriage. The first comment is easily immediately rectified, but the latter concern needs to be given serious consideration by breeders when arranging their breeding programme in order to preserve that section of the breed standard.

VD (2)
1 Eden’s Dalens Hot Gossip JW ShCM VW. 10 yrs, certainly not looking his age, in superb body and coat condition, pleasing head shape, level topline, he has a strong loin and well muscled at rear, moving with good drive, and a credit to the breed. BV
2 Pace’s Big Addo VW
. 9 yrs l/w of a different type to first. Lighter in profile but well balanced, coat in good condition, moving out quite well in profile but a little close behind going away.

MPD (2)
1 Alexander’s Offordale Bennett. Exuberant 8 mth b/w puppy, pleasing head shape on a reachy neck and good spring of rib, well shaped hindquarters which he used to power round the ring. Needs to tighten up all round, but very promising.
2 Crookes’ Dalberry The Starburst. 8 mths l/w, smaller framed than first but well balanced, attractive headpiece, still finishing. Level topline and correct brisket giving a good underline, needs more time to settle in movement.

PD (6, 1)
1 Croft’s Sophtspot Midas Touch For Koroyza. Very promising 10 mth old, well balanced, lovely headpiece into arched neck and level topline, he has well shaped hindquarters, straight front, good bone, moving true, well-schooled, nice decoration and well handled.
2 Tingey & Tingey’s Dallyador Lockdown Legend. Well grown l/w, masculine head, well spotted, clean wither into a good topline, moving out well with good drive from rear.
3 Wright’s Millbelle Crazy Horse.

1 Fahey & Hilton’s Tamilanda Intergalactic. Well grown b/w. Rangy young dog showing a lot of potential, must not grow on too much. He has a well-shaped skull, masculine in type, attractive ears well set, well balanced in profile and correct tail set, moves round with ease.
2 Fellows’ Steyndal Rocketman. Smaller framed b/w, well-shaped headpiece and ears, correct brisket and a level topline, moving round with good gait.
3 Cripps’ Tamilanda Supernatural.

(4, 2)
1 Moate’s Sundowndal Trijonkuro. Strongly built young b/w with a masculine head shape into clean wither and topline. He has a deep brisket giving a good underline, well boned, straight front and well developed hindquarters, powerful mover and handler just needs to get a rythmic movement by checking it slightly.
2 Dawson’s Washakie Sun Warrior. Liked the shape and outline to this well decorated b/w, looks quite elegant in profile, but still masculine attractive headpiece, eye and expression, clean wither and level topline, handler and dog need to gain in confidence, but this will come in time.

ND (3)
1 Fahey & Hilton’s Tamilanda Intergalactic. Repeat.
2 Wright’s Millbelle Crazy Horse. 8 mths. Third from puppy class. A well balanced puppy, showing a lot of potential. Pleasing head shape, nice topline, straight front and well-shaped rear and moving out quite truly.

PGD (6, 1)
1 Richardson’s Mapplewell Pocket Rocket. Well-constructed b/w, so well balanced, strongly built with masculine head features and deep pigmentation, deep chest and ribs well sprung, well developed quarters which he used to power round the ring with rythmic gait, good tail set.
2 Croft’s Kalokairie’s Great Gatsby At Koroyza. L/w, well spotted headpiece into nicely arched neck, clean wither into correct topline, straight front, well boned down to good feet. Another one moving with good drive.
3 Sampson, Sampson & Sampson’s Dalstorm Golden Guinea JW ShCM.

(5, 2)
1 Emmett & Simons’ Ellemstra Against All Odds JW. Beautifully presented, typical in head with good ear set, clean lines, good tail set correctly on move, straight front on strong bone and good feet, superb in hindquarters and turn of stifle, good pigment, moved effortlessly round the ring, in complete unison with handler. Attentive to handler at all times. DCC, BOB and Gp4
2 Sims’ Mullabuoy Magic Man For Snowspeeder JW
. Well balanced clean lines on this b/w, lovely decoration, pleasing head, archy neck, straight front, good tail set, moved out fore and aft and in profile very truly.
3 Kembrey’s Malley Des Dalmats De La Pierre Sacree At Dalmar.

(5, 1)
1 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW. Well-presented b/w with dense bold spotting on good white background. Deep pigmentation and correct construction, attractive headpiece, good shoulder placement which gives him good fore reach on the move, complements his good hind action, strong loin into well muscled hindquarters. Very close up to first. RDCC
2 Croft & Cobb’s Ch Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof
. I have always admired this well constructed l/w. He has a masculine head, clean lines and good muscle tone throughout, strong front, good bone and feet, well sprung rib and strong loin, moved with real drive and well handled.
3 Hopkin’s Ch Rapanooey Red Rose JW.

/B (3)
1 Howard’s Shydally Brightest Star Of Decoda. Delightfully feminine l/w bitch with pretty headpiece and attractive broken ears, clean lines, level topline, straight front, well shaped hindquarters and moved out really well. BSB.
2 Pace’s Dalcatori Morganite Rosa Del Brondelvcede
. Very similar in outline to first. Attractive feminine head, reachy neck, clean wither and level backline, another one whose movement was quite acceptable.
3 Chappell & Chappell’s Nalderhill Aphrodite At Waltzaway.

1 Finlay & Finlay’s Ch Dvojica Black Swan At Dalfin ShCM. Lovely b/w in good condition and belying her 8 yrs. Feminine in head, clean wither and lovely forequarters, well balanced outline, good bone, straight front and feet tight, strongly developed hindquarters which she used well, still very sound in movement.
2 Wilkinson’s Ch Gwynmor High Five To Hunacres (Imp Nld) JW. Very attractive 7 yr old b/w, feminine head features, displays nicely balanced outline with a clean wither, level topline, moved out with good flowing action.
3 Howard-Riddle’s Shydallys Annie Power.

(4, 1)
1 Finlay & Finlay’s Dvojica Excuse My French At Dalfin. Well decorated 9 mth b/w. Very promising puppy, she has a lovely feminine head with soft expression, she displays a typical outline, lovely neck into level topline, straight front, good shoulder assembly and nicely angulated at rear, moved out very soundly. BP
2 Hopkin’s Dvojica Evangelista
. Another lovely b/w puppy with deep pigment, attractive head and good topline, strongly boned with straight front, good spring of rib, slightly longer in loin than first, moved with drive.
3 Tavill’s Sophtspot Match Maker.

(7, 2)
1 Whincup & Whincup’s Tamilanda Continental Gold. Displays overall balance, a clean outline, nicely decorated on this 16 mth l/w with correct liver colour, attractive head features, eye and ears, clean lines throughout, good front assembly complementing well shaped hindquarters, good tail set and moving out with good driving action. Close in challenge.
2 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Buffrey Carry On Emmanuelle With Dalleaf. Lovely youngster with deep pigment, correct balance showing front and rear angulation, feminine head with attractive ears, well set, used her quarters well to motor round the ring.
3 England & Eden’s Dalens Queen Of The Seas At Silverspot.

1 Sampson, Sampson & Sampson’s Tyrodal Seven Of Nine At Dalstorm. Very well proportioned l/w with correct colour, feminine head with good eye and well placed ears, clean lines and level backline, straight front, nicely angulated at rear and good tail set, very sound on the move.
2 Moate’s Sundowndal Trijonbelle. Bold b/w spotting on this young bitch. Attractive head features, strong bone, straight front and well-shaped hindquarters, shorter coupled than first, moving out quite positively.
3 Howard-Riddle’s Shydally Star Attraction.

1 Hobbs & Whiting’s Sophtspot Knockout At Rapanooey. 20 mths b/w, well presented in good coat condition. Well balanced, displaying quite impressive outline, very well placed ears on this feminine head, soft expression, good assembly and good tail set, moved well and a very promising youngster.
2 Sampson, Sampson & Sampson’s Tyrodal Seven Of Nine At Dalstorm.
3 England & Eden’s Dalens Queen Of The Seas At Silverspot.

(10, 1)
1 Richardson’s Mapplewell Limited Edition. Presented in super condition with black spotting. Attractive proportions throughout, feminine head, elegant neck, clean wither and good topline, quality bone and good front assembly and well developed hindquarters enabled rear and drive on the move.
2 Burrows’ Ellemstra Tough Cookie At Shacarlu. B/w in good condition and super pigment, nice head and expression, strong bone and straight front, strong loin and good stifle, strength at rear, displaying really good movement.
3 Christie’s Sophtspot Josephine.

(11, 1)
1 Tingey & Tingey’s Dallyador Secret Addiction. Elegant l/w bitch with clean lines, very nice head, attractive broken ears giving a pleasing expression, strong bone, firm topline, correct tail set, good angles to fore and hindquarters, moved positively with good reach and drive, well-handled on loose lead. RCC
2 Edens’ Dalens A Spot Of Trouble JW ShCM ShCEx
. Strongly boned b/w, pleasing feminine head features with good ear carriage, firm topline, correct tail set, firm hindquarters with good second thigh, moved out with positive rhythmic gait.
3 Hajee & Tidcombe’s Castletop Summer Breeze.

(11, 1)
1 Wright’s Ch Millbelle Fernie JW WW18. Classic head on this l/w bitch and outline, so well balanced, reachy elegant neck into good lay of shoulder, level topline into perfect tail set, held correctly on strong bone on super straight front and tight feet, moves very enthusiastically with handler. So sound with her positive drive. BCC
2 Alexander’s Offordale Viktoriana
. 20 mths b/w, well built with quite attractive head features, reachy neck, level topline, deep chest giving good underline, has a well-developed hindquarters, moves with good gait but still needs mature all round.
3 Cuthbertson & Cuthbertson’s Ellemstra Little Mix With Kalsidoni.

Malcolm Smith