BDC Feb Open 2020 Judged by Mrs H Fitzgibbon
British Dalmatian Club Open Show

1st February 2020

It was a huge honour to be invited to judge this well attended show. I received a very warm welcome and my efficient stewards kept my ring running well. All decisions were met with warm applause and I must mention the lovely veterans on show today – all loved and in good condition. Temperaments were great with the exception of a couple of unsettled youngsters – I had a lot of hugs and attempted kisses.

MPD (2,1)
1. Green/Sears; Alphadall’s Sweet Talker at Judally. Very promising youngster, a little overawed by the show, I think. Lovely head shape and good overall conformation when he settled on the move. Very sound. Worth persevering with.

PD (3,1)
1. Alexander; Offordale Nijinski. Lovely baby, with good overall proportions but still growing into his rear pasterns a bit. Moderate but well-balanced angles throughout with excellent reach of neck going into a clean shoulder. Very well-muscled and moving soundly. BPD and BPIS
2. Richardson; Mapplewell Pocket Rocket
. Very masculine head on this older puppy. Well grown throughout and moving out freely. Excellent quarters and hocks. Well carried tail.

Junior (3)
1. Sampson; Dalstorm Golden Guinea JW. Lovely pattern of male who has perhaps a little more maturing to do but still has good overall proportions. Excellent head and pigment with well broken ears. Good body and in hard condition. I preferred his overall balance to the other dogs in the class.
2. Kembrey; O’Malley des Dalmats de la Pierre Sacree at Dalmark. Lovely head and appropriate liver pigment on this youngster who I think is still growing into his frame. Good reach of neck and good angles back and front. Coupling could be shorter for me.
3. Townson/Pardoe; Kaytoni Oh What a Night at Daymadals

1. Kembrey; O’Malley des Dalmats de la Pierre Sacree at Dalmark. Repeat but I must say, he went around much better with no other dogs in the ring and moved out with considerable drive.

Novice (3,2)
1. Kaytoni Oh What a Night at Daymadals. Third in the Puppy dog class. Well grown on but still needs to grow into his rear pasterns. Good reach of neck and well angulated at both ends. Longer in profile than some. Good legs and feet.

Graduate (2)
1. Williams; Tolkain Storm King from Phadante JW. Good for bone and outline although the topline could be steadier. Lovely markings and broken pattern on ears. Well angulated behind, could be firmer in hock joint.
2. Evans; Lucky Prince of Oaks Farm at Troikadal. Finer pattern of male and rather upright in front, he moves out freely. Lovely head and ears. Happy disposition.

Post Grad (3)
1. Green/Sears; Alphadal Aint Misbehaving at Judally JW. Well spotted male whose overall balance and profile won this class. Excellent front with some sternum development and infill. Good length of leg which he used well on the move. Topline was also strong on the move showing good conditioning.
2. Harrison-Stratford; Dalkereve Dark at Midnight. This boy had a lot of qualities including a lovely head shape and eye. Good angles back and front with a well inserted tail. Moving out well and freely with a good topline.
3. Alcock; Kayjule Kelper at Dalspartan

1. Hernandez; Dalminshi Starlite Express JW. A ‘workmanlike’ male who could really move out well, with extension at both ends. Lovely body properties and strong coupling. Clean shoulder and very true on the up and down.
2. Pace; Big Addo VW. Lightly spotted male with masculine head piece. Excellent for reach of neck and forehand. Good rear angulation making up an attractive side gait. Excellent perpendicular rear pasterns.
3. Emmett/Simons; Ellemstra Against All Odds

(8,2, 1wd)
1. Goodswen; Alphadals King of Angels ShCM. A lovely male who impressed for overall balance. Not the tallest of males but everything was in proportion and markings are good. Good angles, fore and aft with some good sternum and infill. Good bone and feet. Moved out truly and with some style. Best Male, BOS
2. Green/Sears; Boschendal Simply Red at Judally
. Excellent profile and stylish side gait on this chap who looked a picture standing. Very lovely head piece. Would have preferred stronger rear action going away. Res BD
3. Gibbs; Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW ShCM

Special Junior Veteran
1. Whincup; Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly JW ShCM. Showing no age, this boy was a keen and able showman. A well-proportioned dog with a free and easy action he covered the ring showing his good angles to advantage.
2. De Rozario; Dalleaf D’Accord avec Jemblewood. A typical liver male he again showed no age and took the ring as his own. Well set front and with good tail set. Well-proportioned rear and with rear pasterns absolutely parallel to ground.
3. Scott-Allen/Davis; Tolutim Yaffle

1. Lyall; Jasquarella Gloriana. Promising young lady who has many qualities. Lovely reach of neck, great topline for a baby, and lovely angles that she uses to advantage. Not very happy about the proceedings today but moved out truly when she settled. Tail insertion could be lower.

PB (7,2)
1. Richardson; Mapplewell Limited Edition. At 8 months old, well grown on. Lovely feminine head with well broken ears. Good side gait and precise on the up and down. Quite a lot of substance to grow on into.
2. Lyall; First Point Altezza. Another good youngster, lightly marked. Wonderful overall conformation. Tail set could be lower. Good body, bone and feet.
3. Kembrey; Dalmark Belle of the South.

Junior Bitch
1. Brennan; Kaytoni Have You Seen Her JW. Very classy profile on this girl, which shows static balance. Correct balanced side gait and lovely front action but rather close going away. Everything is in proportion.
2. Evans; Dallydyl My Cousin Rachel. A more lightly built bitch and it was not her day on the move. Presents a good outline and her front movement was sound. Her rear was uncoordinated when her balance had to change. Pretty head piece and well broken ears.

Yearling Bitch (5,2)
1. Tingey; Dallyador Secret Addiction. Beautiful girl with clean lines and good body shape. Lovely extension both ways when moving. Really settles into her legs well on the move. Rear could be firmer on the up and down but overall, a good bitch.
2. Burrows; Ellemstra Tough Cookie at Shacarllu. Another lovely girl with a typical profile, vocal at times (which I am well used to!) Moving out soundly. Moderate angles and good coupling. Rather more upright in front than 1.
3. Neal; Tolkain Morning Star

Maiden Bitch
1. Wills; Dalmark The Jewel of the East for Dallyvista. Third in the quality puppy class. Good bone and feet and a better side gait of these two. At 10 months she still needs to fill out more
2. Williams; Manorroy Made to Misbehave. Pretty head and well-marked. For me, I would prefer better angles and stronger front pasterns.

Novice Bitch (5,3)
1. Chapell; Nalderhill Aphrodite at Waltzaway. Rather portly and needs to get some body shape back, but I think there is a promising bitch under all that excess; I just hope she gets rid of it soon as it will affect her movement which it has not done to date. There is quality there.
2. Manorroy Made to Misbehave. Repeat

Graduate Bitch
1. Nalderhill Aphrodite at Waltzaway. Repeat
2. Pace; Dalcatori Morganite Rosa de Brondelvcede. Lightly built and not the overall bone quality of 1. Lovely coupling and tail set. Moderate angles which did not let her move out as freely as 1.
3. Whiting; Sumaiya Dee Jai

Post Grad
1. Morgan; Malbreow Wish Upon A Star. Good overall picture and balance, both static and moving. Her angles could be more acute but she used them well on the move. Good legs and feet.
2. Dalcatori Morganite Rosa de Brondelvcede. Repeat
3. Stocks; Pandamax Lady Martini to Nospar JW

1. Sampson; Dalstorm Eternal Promise; JW ShCM. More heavily spotted but not to the detriment of the overall picture. Strongly built throughout. Clean head pattern. Front pasterns could be stronger but her scopey side gait won her this class.
2. Goodswen; Alphdal Aint No Sunshine. Pretty head and well-marked, a good overall profile. Not the ground covering gait of 1, but still a good bitch.
3. Watts/Jackson Peatling ; Tamilanda Continental Song JW

1. Tingey; Dallyador The Enchanteress JW. Very elegant girl with lovely profile. Lovely reach of neck going into clean shoulder and excellent topline. Good body properties and good tail set. Excellent rear. So lovely to watch in action with a ground covering gait, so effortless. Pleased to award her BB and BIS
2. De Rozario/Webb/Chrystal; Jemblewood Jelly Bean (IKC)
. A different style of bitch to 1 but with many great qualities. Everything in proportion to her slightly heavier boning but the balance was still there. Pretty on the up and down and a workmanlike side gait, covering ground with ease. Res BB and RBIS
3. McManus; Boschendal Ashes of Roses

Junior Veteran
1. Finlay; Ch Dvojica Slack Swan at Dalfin ShCM. An athletic girl, full of quality. Excellent forehand and angles. Most beautiful head piece with correct planes and eye set. Exemplary tail carriage. A joy to watch go round the ring with her very considerate handler. BVIS
2. Sampson; Dalstorm Black Orchid ShCM
. Another lovely bitch in the most wonderful muscled condition. Muscle should be hard and this girl had it in spades. Consequentially her coupling was possible the strongest I found today. A lot of breed quality there and just preferred side gait of 1.
3. Morgan; Winflash Olympic Star JW ShCM

Senior Veteran
1. Wright; Boutonneux Artemis of Millebelle JW ShCM. Heading a class of lovely ladies, all fit for purpose. Another girl shown in great form with lovely muscling and full of breed type. Apparently I gave her a Puppy group many years ago and she has grown into a beautiful bitch, maturing gracefully.
2. Gibbs; Phadante Dixie Lily JW. A classy and showy bitch, just not the outline of 1 today. Sweet expression, good muscling and good tail set.
3. Thorner; Tolutim Drambuie ShCM

(4, 1wd)
1. Brennan; Very alike and moved impressively around the ring. A good brace.
2. Pace; A Couple rather than a brace, both had keen expressions and lean outlines and were well muscled.
3. Evans

Judge; Hazel Fitzgibbon 6/2/2020