BUBA 2018 Judged by Mrs Jane Gardner
BUBA Championship Show, 1st Dec 2018


Many thanks to the NIDC who nominated me for this appointment, to my superb stewards who kept everything running smoothly and of course to the exhibitors for giving me such a good entry.

I was disappointed that some of the dogs were dirty with balls of mud underneath, I can see no excuse. Shoulder placement and short upper arms continue to be a problem with their consequent effect on movement, with exhibits “crabbing” when viewed going away to facilitate forward movement. Please remember that faster does not mean better, in fact often the reverse! I was happy with my winners and pleased to see the puppy short listed in the group.

Minor puppy dog (3, 0 abs)
1st. Emmett & Simons’ Ellemstra Against All Odds. Black spotted six month old. Confident young man with plenty of bone. Good dark eye and lovely length of neck. Good lay of shoulder, level topline. Well angulated rear and good decoration.
2nd. Mather’s Taliory Saddleside Legend. Black spotted, 7 months. Lovely expression with good dark eye. Good length of neck leading to good shoulder placement. Good forechest and spring of rib. Needs time for everything to drop and tighten to make his movement more precise, but lots to like.
3rd.Tomlinson’s Swingle River Mr. Smee

Puppy Dog
(6, 2)
1st. Locke-Mcfadzen’s Caprilli Panache Over Sassafras. Black spotted 9months. Happy boy with plenty of bone. Good dark eye and pleasing expression. Good forechest and shoulders. Good spring of rib and correct rear angulation with a good turn of stifle which enabled him to power round the ring with drive. BP
2nd. Green & Sears’ Ain’t Misbehaving at Judally
. Liver spotted. More reserved than 1. Lovely head and neck with good eye colour. Very well spotted. Nicely angulated throughout with no exaggeration. Moved OK but his mind was somewhere else today.
3rd. Mather’s Taliory Saddleside Legend

Junior Dog
(8, 1)
1st. Gamble’s Mullabuoy Gambling Boy. Black spotted, he is slowly maturing into a nice dog. He has lovely dark eyes and a lovely expression. He is in proportion with correct length to height ratio. He has an excellent top line which he keeps on the move and good rib cage with a good spring which still needs to drop more as he matures. Moved soundly.
2nd. Todhunter & Robinson’s Millbelle Rocky Mountain. Liver spotted young man who moves very well. Shorter coupled than winner. He has a good head which is framed by his well held ears. He has a good deep chest with plenty of heart room. Good round bone and excellent cat feet. Would like a longer upper arm.
3rd. Sims’ Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder

Yearling Dog
(3, 1)
1st.Todhunter & Robinson’s Millbelle Rocky Mountain.
2nd.Christie’s Laguna Dios Free Falcon By Sophtspot JW
Black spotted 18months. Well off for bone. Excellent expression. Correct lay of shoulder and firm top line. Good rear angulation. Has an excellent length of stride. Think he still needs time to mature more and gain confidence to fulfil his potential.

Post Graduate Dog (7, 2)
1st.Newton & Newton-O’Brien’s Chizzmic What A Carry On. Liver spotted. Outgoing dog with a good make and shape. Lovely expression and good eye colour. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Moved out well.
2nd. Alexander’s Offordale Griffin. Black spotted masculine youngster of a lovely type. Good head shape with good dark eye. Excellent length of neck. Correct lay of shoulder with good length of upper arm. Level top line and correct tail set. Well off for bone. Pushed the winner hard today, but just not as positive on the move.
3rd. Gardinor’s Dakata Duranta

Limit Dog
(14, 2)
1st.Quayle’s Millbelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre. Liver spotted youngster of 18 months who is maturing nicely. Shorter coupled than some but moved very soundly with a good length of stride. Lovely head and expression. Good length of neck which flows smoothly into excellent shoulders. Good spring of rib but ideally would like more forechest. Good rear angulation, which allows him to move with precision and drive. Shown in hard muscled condition. RCC
2nd. Donnelly’s Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly
. Black spotted with lovely expression and darkest of eyes. Good tight feet. Well laid shoulder blade and firm level top line which he kept on the move. Good tail set. Moved soundly, but not really driving today.
3rd. Gibbs’ Phadante Mr. Blue Sky JW

Open Dog
(10, 0)
1st.Whincup’s Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW. Black spotted who has matured nicely. I’ve watched him grow up and seen that he has days when he can be bone idle and fail to perform despite his handler’s best efforts; today was not one of them, though he had a moment in the challenge! Lovely melting expression with darkest of eyes. Excellent length of neck. Good shoulders, deep rib cage and forechest. Well off for bone. Strong level top line which he kept both standing and on the move. Moved true with plenty of drive and good length of stride. Today his movement was full of impulsion but not in any way rushed. He looked like he could go for hours. Pleased to award him the CC
2nd. Christie’s Ch. Sophtspot Gold Dust JW
Liver spotted young man who I liked a lot. Lovely head and expression with correct amber eyes. Good length of neck and excellent rib cage. Shorter coupled than 1. Well angulated rear end and good tight cat feet. He moved out well with a good length of stride and tracked well. Considered him for RCC.
3rd. Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch. Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW

Special Beginners Dog
(4, 3)
1st. Newton & Newton-O’Brien’s Chizzmic What a Carry On

Special Beginners Bitch
(5, 2)
1st. Jenkins & Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Kisses. Black spotted attentive showgirl. Very well decorated. Nice expression with good dark eye. Well off for bone with good tight cat feet. Level topline and deep rib cage. Well angulated rear with good turn of stifle.
2nd. Mather’s Shulune Dragon Ryder Of Taliory. Black spotted. Taller than 1, but everything in proportion. Well handled, attentive showgirl. Dark eye and good length of neck. Would prefer a little more length in upper arm. Excellent tight feet. Good topline and ribbed well back. Nice bitch, just preferred tailset and movement of 1 today, but lots to like.
3rd. Whiting’s Sumaiya Dee Jai

Minor Puppy Bitch
(12, 1)
1st. Peterson’s Daedalus Grand Finale. Black spotted just 7 months and at her first show she took it all in her stride. Lovely dark eye and cheeky expression. Very well pigmented, large black spots. Well placed shoulders with good length of upper arm which allowed her to stride out. Level topline and good tailset. Strong low set hocks provided all the drive required. Moved true and very positively for such a baby. Sympathetically handled, she gained more and more confidence and showed her boots off. BPB
2nd.Hipkiss’ Dalkiss Fancy That
. Another lovely black spotted bitch of just six months. Still growing, she was just a bit bum high today. Lovely head and expression with darkest of eyes. Plenty of bone and nicely decorated. Well angulated rear with strong hocks. Great feet. Unlucky to meet 1 on such sparkling form today, but I’m sure they will change places many times as they grow up.
3rd.Burrows Elemestra Tough Cookie At Shacarlu

Puppy Bitch
(7, 1)
1st. Stocks’ Pandamax Lady Martini To Nospar. Black spotted 8 month old who tried very hard to please. Lovely expression and length of neck. Good shoulder placement. Well off for bone with good cat feet. Deep rib cage. Level topline which she kept on the move. Good rear angulation powered her easily around the ring.
2nd. Hughes’ Taliory Take Aim Fusilier. Black spotted baby with excellent length of neck. She needs time to mature on and fill out. Preferred forechest and movement of 1.
3rd. Millington’s Gloriandus Royal Elation Of Capearlla (Imp Rus)

Junior Bitch
(2, 0)
1st. Watts & Jackson’s Tamilanda Continental Song. Lovely black spotted bitch who is starting to mature nicely. Lovely dark eye and excellent pigmentation to her large spots. Good shoulders and deep chest. Level topline. Good rear angulation and low set hocks which allowed her to move with drive.
2nd. Gamble’s Mullabuoy Misty Moo. Black spotted, built on a smaller frame than 1. Good forechest and shoulders. Good spring of rib. Level topline. Has potential, just preferred driving movement of 1. today.

Yearling Bitch (2, 1)
1st. Wright’s Ch Millbelle Fernie JW JWW 18. Beautiful young liver bitch of a good colour. Lovely head and eye. Well laid shoulder blade. Ribbed well back with an excellent spring of rib. Excellent topline angulated rear with good width of second thigh and strong low set hocks. Tight cat feet. She moved with round the ring with power and drive. Pleased to award her the CC and BOB

Post Graduate Bitch
(14, 6)
1st.Dinsdale’s Roadcoach Rejoice With Dalesbred. Liver spotted. Beautiful head and expression framed by well spotted ears. Elegant neck and well placed shoulder blade. Good forechest and well off for bone. Tight cat feet. Deep rib cage with a good spring. Well angulated rear. Moved out well with plenty of impulsion. Attentive to her handler.
2nd.Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapanooey Rascallion. Liver spotted. Nice head with good eye colour. Long neck. Deep ribcage, well sprung and ribbed well back. Tends to stand a little over stretched at the rear which spoils her topline and rear angles. Moved ok.
3rd.Sampson’s Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW

Limit Bitch
(14, 3)
1st. De Rosario, Webb & Chrystal’s. Jemblewood Jelly Bean (IKC) Black spotted. Wanted to fidget today, but was settled by handler. When she stood still displayed the correct height to length ratio. Lovely expression with good dark eyes. Good length of neck. Good front with correct shoulder placement. Firm, level topline, which she kept on the move. Free driving movement. Nothing overdone.
2nd.Whincup’s Tamilanda Pick -A - Lilly JW Black spotted. Nice head and really lovely expression and eye colour. Lovely neck and well placed shoulder. Level topline with excellent tailset. Well angulated rear with strong hocks. Well off for bone. Moved ok.
3rd. Lamb’s Dalpetro Diamond JW

Open Bitch
(11, 3)
1st. Croft’s Ch. Kalokairie’s Barbarella From Koroyza Liver spotted of a good colour. Good head with amber eye. Long neck flowing into well placed shoulders with correct length of upper arm. Well off for bone and tight cat feet. Deep ribcage with good spring and ribbed well back. Good bend of stifle and strong low set hocks. Moved easily round the ring with strength and elasticity. RCC
2nd. Haywood-Ridgway’s Ch. Luccombe Strawberry Dream JW
Black spotted bitch of a good size with nothing over done. Attractive head and expression with dark eyes. Elegant neck and good shoulder placement with correct front angulation. Good bone and tight cat feet. Good ribcage, well ribbed back. Well angled rear, low set hocks which gave strong driving movement. Put down in excellent condition. Well handled.
3rd. Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch. Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW

Jane Gardner (Judge)