Birmingham National 2018 Judged by Dolores Precious
Birmingham National Dog Show 2018


A huge thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at this prestigious show and my first Championship show and for the warm and hospitable welcome. They work very hard to ensure these shows run like clockwork. Thank you also to my stewards for their efforts and organisation. I must also thank all the exhibitors who were very sporting and offered me some excellent dogs to judge.

Our lovely breed is a moving breed and to that end I was looking for dogs that met these criteria with the elegance and stamina demanded at the trot together with the construction that this movement would afford. I certainly had an excellent choice to go over and as ever, unfortunately had only one set of place cards. I felt that breeders had been concentrating on angulation and temperaments, all to the good, but we must not forget the movement and elegance that this breed desires.

I found there were a lot of short tails and some rather dirty dogs to the touch, remember that this is a competition and the difference between first and second place at this level can simply be of a well turned out exhibit.

Very pleased to notice some quality in the lower classes, they are the future.

Class 75 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: HOLLAND’S Capearlla It's On Ice. Black spotted puppy, maturing in the right direction, not overdone, the perfect size for a MP. Pleasing shape to head with developing stop and kind expression. Good length of neck. Dark eyes, good bone correct tailset. Level back pleasing with angulation. Settled on the move.
2nd: FINLAY’S Dalfin Actual Fact. Another black slightly longer in the leg than 1 but still not too big for his age. Good head and neck and back. Lovely bone, another who moved well for his age. Enjoying his day in the ring. These two could change place at any time.
3rd: MCVICAR’S Dalfin Almond Slice

Class 76 PD
(6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: QUAYLE’S Millebelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre. What a lovely liver with striking decoration. Perfect height for his age, but a fairly short coupled dog. Well off for bone,and fabulous feet and angulation front and back. Level topline tail carried correctly. Moved really well. Hope his head doesn’t broaden further. An easy BPD
2nd: COBB’S Kalokairie Eddy The Eagle
. More rangey type than 1. A liver with a super head and neck and correct bite. Good withers knitting tighter well. Pleasing front into tight feet. Good brisket and ribcage. Carried his tail well and another lovely puppy with a future.
3rd: TODHUNTER ROBINSON’S and ROBINSON’S Millbelle Rocky Mountain
Res: FINLAY’S Dalfin Actual Fact
VHC: MCVICAR’S Dalfin Almond Slice

Class 77 JD
(5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: QUAYLE’S Millebelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre
2nd: CHRISTIE’S Laguna Dios Free Falcon By Sophtspot (Imp) well matured Black spotted who had the wind under his tail today. Taller and longer than 1. Level back into correct tail. Well off for bone and super tight feet. Good turned stifle and second thigh developing correctly. Difficult to assess movement but could see plenty of drive.
3rd: THORNE’ S Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop
Res: MILLINGTON’S Capearlla Pure Diamonds
VHC: O'CONNOR’S Dalamanti Diamond Raider

Class 78 YD
(6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: HEALEY’S Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon At Hebemor JW. An excellently handled liver with well placed markings. Easily the best mover in the class. Masculine head but in no way coarse, into good neck. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Level topline and correct tail set and carriage. Has a lot of promise.
2nd: WHEATON’S Buffrey The Last Word At Acinonyx. A black with a slightly narrower head than 1. Ears placed correctly and nicely marked. A strong neck into level back. Correct tailset. Strong bone and stifle with strong second thigh. Moved well.
3rd: NEWTON’s and NEWTON O'BRIEN’S Chizzmic What A Carry On
Res: MILLINGTON’S Capearlla Pure Diamonds
VHC: LAMB’S Dalpetro Digby

Class 79 ND
(6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: QUAYLE’S Millebelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre
2nd: COBB’S Kalokairie Eddy The Eagle
3rd: CHRISTIE’S Laguna Dios Free Falcon By Sophtspot (Imp)
Res: MILLINGTON’S Capearlla Pure Diamonds

Class 80 GD
(5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: COBB’S Kalokairie Eddy The Eagle
2nd: THORNE’S Billy Elliot Of Castletop
Pleasing black spotting with deep pigmentation. Good flat skull with super kind expression and dark eyes. Clean neck lines. Correct size. Well angulated behind. Would prefer more front extension.
3rd: EVANS’ and BAKER’S Lucky Prince Of Oaks Farm At Troikadal

Class 81 PGD
(4 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: EVANS’ and BAKER’S Lucky Prince Of Oaks Farm At Troikadal Lightly spotted black standing alone. Clean lines with a lovely shaped head, not coarse in any way, super dark eyes and tight lips. Level back and good quarters and tail carriage standing and on the move. Good spring of rib. Well let down hocks. Moved adequately.

Class 82 LD (11 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: CROFT’S, & COBB’S Kalokairie's Bullet Proof. Super outline on this liver boy. Masculine head but not too broad with lovely expression, into strong clean neck. Well laid shoulder good bone and fabulous tight feet. Held his topline on the move which he did with drive from a strong stifle and second thigh. Tail a little high today but that could be the wind. I feel he will not be long in being made up.
2nd: COBB’S Kalokairie's Carbon Copy JW. Another quality exhibit from the same kennel this time a black. Shorter coupled but with the balance, shape and angulation to match. Loved his head and neck meeting a good wither. Carried his tail well. Super strong quarters and bone.
3rd: WHINCUP’S Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW
Res: DONNELLY’S Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly
VHC: NEWTON’S and NEWTON O'BRIEN’S Chizzmic Chase Me

Class 83 OD
(7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: ALEXANDER’S Offordale Picasso This eye-catching black topped a very strong class. He caught my attention from the start with his honest and balanced movement but with desired elegance. His handler moved him at the correct pace to show this to his best advantage. I have judged him before and he has grown as I had hoped. Good proportions to his head, well broken ears. Deep chest with excellent front and back angulation which made him move effortlessly and purposefully round the ring, completely true out and back and a fabulously long reach of front stride, which matched his rear movement. Carried his tail correctly standing and on the move. Would benefit from a couple of extra pounds on his ribs only, but not enough to prevent the award of DCC and BOB
2nd: CHRISTIE’S Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW
. Another cracking dog this time a good liver colour, and placement of spots. Similar of size to 1 with a good flat skull in proportion to his body, level topline into correct tail carriage. Solid round bone and making a good shape with super rear angulation strong quarters and especially good second thigh. Nicely arched feet. Moved well and with drive and balance with good forward reach but felt 1 had better overall movement today.
3rd: NEATH-DUGGAN’S and BAKER’S Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW
Res: BEERES-KWAST’S Multi Ch Anmadeke's All Over The World
VHC: MCCARTHY’S Fr Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW

Class 84 VD
(4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: BARRETT’S and FORT’S Ch Shulune Ice Phantom Of Dalamanti Sh.CM This black spotted boy really was enjoying himself and moved so well that he demanded to win. His head is of good proportions into a good length of neck and front. Attractively decorated and retains good pigmentation. Keeping his level topline on the move and carried his tail straight and true.
2nd: BEERES-KWAST’S Multi Ch Anmadeke's All Over The World. Another black worthy of his title. Smaller than 1 with good dark eyes and flat skull and gentle expression. Nicely proportioned dog with a good lay of shoulder and excellent topline and tailset and carriage. Just felt he wasn’t as balanced on the move.
3rd: WHINCUP’S and SIBSON’S Ch Tamilanda Vintage Pink JW

Class 85 MPB
(3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: MORGAN’S Malbreow Wish Upon A Star. What a super black baby with bold decoration. Loved her head shape and overall outline. Front and shoulders correctly assembled. Tail of correct length and well arched toes. Thought her movement was true and straight and balanced for one so young. Promising baby.
2nd: BEERES-KWAST’S Spotted World Praia Da Pipa. Another black baby and much more lightly spotted and constructed than 1. However her movement today won her the place as she went out and back with precision and drive. Would prefer a broader head but this could develop with maturity. Exceptional length of clean neck Good bone and strong quarters and angulation for a baby. Super tight feet and correct tail set and carriage. Another with a bright future.
3rd: BARTHOLOMEW’S L Tamilanda Continental Lily

Class 86 PB
(4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: WRIGHT’S Millbelle Fernie Her presence and class caught my attention from the start. A liver oozing with feminine charm who didn’t disappoint when gone over. At 11mnths she has super spotting, colour and placement. Ideal amount of bone for her sex. A flat back and good lay of shoulder with super feet. Well turned stifle and second thigh coming on perfectly. Carried her tail well. A puppy constructed this well should move well and she didn’t disappoint, drive and balance in abundance. Her handler must be careful not to move her to quickly as this can be lost with speed. Delighted to award her BPIB and to see her pulled out in the last 6 in the group.
2nd: HAJEE’s and TIDCOMBE’S Castletop Summer Breeze. A black of lovely proportions with a happy disposition. Long neck into very good front and well rounded bone and tight feet. Quarters developing correctly. Moved well and unlucky to against 1 today but this girl will be worth watching.
3rd: BARTHOLOMEW’S Tamilanda Continental Lily

Class 87 JB
(3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: WHITING’S Akaroa Lulu At Cibrith A well grown girl with a feminine head holding lovely expression, and well set on ears and black spotting. In proportion and standing on strong bone. Ribcage well rounded without being overdone. With a good front level topline and correct tail.
2nd: WARD’S Frankish Chatelaine. Really splitting hairs with these two, another black of similar size. Her head was nicely shaped and dark eyes. Well dropped brisket and good bone and the tightest of feet. Excellent pigmentation. Tailset just a little lower than 1.

Class 88 YB (10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: NEATH-DUGGAN’S and BAKER’S Miss S Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW This black lit up the ring the minute she entered it with her presence and aplomb. Nicely decorated, feminine head and making a good outline on the stand and the move. Maturing at the correct pace. Super front and rear assembly, naturally she had the drive and balance to match. Moved soundly out and back but really showed a good length of stride in profile and in perfect co-ordination. RCC
2nd: GARDNER’S Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge JW
Another super mover – this time a liver with a superb head and expression and good colour eyes. Length of neck was perfect and elegant into a good level topline and deep brisket. Standing on perfect bone and fantastic cat-like feet. Carried her tail perfectly.
3rd: MCCARTHY’S Tolkain Gold Star For Kilndandy
Res: DAVIES’ Maddidalli Embers Glow
VHC: PRATT’s and PRATT’S Sophtspot In A Heartbeat Of Lyndalla

Class 89 NB
(3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: CROOKES’ and CROOKES Dalmark The Ratafia. A liver of fairly dark colour. A feminine girl with a head shape to match. Good neck length, with a good level back and straight tail. Attractive decoration. A little unsettled on the move today.
2nd: BARTHOLOMEW’S Tamilanda Continental Lily. Pretty black puppy with strong black pigmentation. Perfect size for her young age and had feminine head with well placed ears and well broken. Lovely front and back angulation for her age which of course get even better with maturity. Moved straight out and back. Nice baby.
3rd: SUGGETT’S Kalokairie Decadent Diva At Kintegus

Class 90 GB
(4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: WAREHAM’S Tamilanda Valentina Lilly At Dotsadaisy. A lot to like about this girl with her pretty head. Although lightly spotted this did not detract from her outline. Beautiful ears -set and carriage. Elegant and clean neck into good lay of shoulder very level back. Brisket could be a bit deeper, but this could come. Loved her rear assembly especially a strong second thigh. Good long stride with balance.
2nd: QUAYLE’S Chizzmic Carry On With Cubalibre. Another black but longer than 1. but perfect in a bitch. A bit straight in the shoulder but made up for it in her rear angulation. Moved out and back true and straight and in profile an good driving action.
3rd: EVANS’ and BAKER’S Dalcross Cherry Ghost At Troikadal

Class 91 PGB
(12 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: HAYWOOD-RIDGWAY’ S Luccombe Strawberry Royale. A pretty black with good deep spotting on white background. Fabulous shape to head flat skull into elegant neck and the flattest of toplines. Carried her tail perfectly. Well laid shoulders and quarters well rounded. Moved out and back perfectly, a little bouncy today but that is probably the cold but still the best mover in the class.
2nd: NORGROVE’ S Sassydals Slingsby Firefly. This black is slightly longer in the leg than 1. but in complete balance length to height. Another who could really moved well, with drive and good long front stride. A dark eye in a feminine head. A little straighter in the front than 1. Well of for bone but not overly done. Strong stifle and stand on tight, well arched toes.
3rd: BURROWS’ Elaridge Hawks Phoenix At Shacarlu
Res: QUAYLE’S Chizzmic Carry On With Cubalibre
VHC: BRENNAN’S Daymadals In The Mood JW

Class 92 LB
(10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: CROFT Ms R Kalokairie's Barberella From Koroyza Interestingly this was the litter sister to LD winner and very true to type. I loved her shape and size. Her liver decoration was of good colour and pigment. Fantastic lay of shoulder and withers and bone with a straight topline, which she kept on the move. Balanced when moving with good driving action from well-developed quarters. Certainly this girl could run all day.
2nd: WAREHAM’S Tamilanda Blue Water Lilly At Dotsadaisy. Slightly bigger build than 1, in both height and length. Pleasantly feminine with dark eyes held in clean head and neck held by correct front ratios. Well off for bone with a very level back, rounded croup and perfect tailset and carriage and powerful well developed quarters. Honest mover.
3rd: DORE Mrs D & Mr L Daldior Miss Hula Hula Girl
Res: WHINCUP Mrs D L & Mr K Tamilanda Pick -a- Lilly JW
VHC: STEVENSON Dr J & Mrs S Macula Moonlight Mystique JW

Class 93 OB
(9 Entries) Abs: 2 An amazing class full of quality.

1st: WILKINSON’S Ch Gwynmor High Five To Hunacres JW (Imp) What caught my attention in the first instance about this black was her striking, clean outline with immaculate spotting on pure white background and a tight coat. This was pure quality. Her construction is fitting for a bitch, with plenty of length behind her ribs to hold puppies. Her feminine head with dark eyes on an elegant neck and into the best of topline and straight tail carriage. Beautiful front and back angulation with a powerful second thigh, so I could not be surprised when she moved with true balance and precision out and in and effortlessly round the ring in profile with a purposeful elegance. Delighted to award her BCC
2nd: HAYWOOD-RIDGWAY Mrs S Ch Luccombe Strawberry Dream JW
Another beautiful black who was unlucky to meet 1 today. I loved her head and dark eyes. Lovely decoration and pigment. Long neck into well laid shoulders and wonderful feet. Perfectly formed ribcage and brisket with a nice high tuck-up which showed off her well turned stifle. Carried her tail correctly but just set lower that 1. Two cracking girls in a strong class. 3rd: CHRISTIE’S Ch Sophtspot Glitterati JW
Res: GARDNER’S Ch Dvojica Black Again At Wrendragge JW Sh.CM
VHC: FINLAY’S Ch Dvojica Black Swan At Dalfin Sh.CM

Class 94 VB
(3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: GIBBS’ Ch Phadante Dixie Lily JW. Super black defying her 10 years and powering round the ring like a junior but with honesty and balance. Well bodied and spotting deep and well pigmented. Pleasing head proportions and expressions, with the darkest of eyes. Keeping her topline on the move. She has good bone and fabulously tight well arched feet. Her tail seemed to have a mind of it’s own but once she was moving she remembered she had one and it was carried perfectly. BV
2nd: THORNER’S Ch Tolutim Drambuie Sh.CM
One I have judge and like before and today was no different. Similar size to 1. With a nice shaped head, long neck and a good front and rear assembly. another who could trot all day. Moved out well today.
3rd: CONNOLLY’S Tamilanda Summer Pink At Connomoor

Dog CC : ALEXANDER’S Offordale Picasso
Res Dog CC : CHRISTIE’S Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW
Bitch CC : WILKINSON’S Ch Gwynmor High Five To Hunacres JW (Imp)
Res Bitch CC : NEATH-DUGGAN’S and BAKER’S Miss S Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW
Best Puppy : WRIGHT’S Miss J M Millbelle Fernie
Best Veteran : GIBBS’ Phadante Dixie Lily JW

Judge: Miss Dolores Precious