Dalmatian Ownership
In common with most breeds, the Dalmatian has its own distinctive character and personality and its own particular requirements from its owners and home if a happy and rewarding partnership is to be achieved. It is, therefore, wise for the would-be owner to consider carefully before falling for that adorable spotted bundle of charm.

With its clean elegant lines and spectacular spotted coat the Dalmatian makes an instant appeal to many people who are thinking of buying a dog. Do not overlook the fact that they are a powerful muscular animal, and as they mature the training needs to be firmer and requires a lot of time and patience as they have a tendency to be strong minded, but love and bribery work wonders. Their short coat is easy to keep clean but they shed hair continually at a steady rate throughout the year and more heavily whilst molting. They thrive on human companionship and will return the affection and friendship you offer them. If your lifestyle is one which will leave your dog alone for long hours please reconsider having a dog as they should not be left for longer than 2 - 3 hours.

Points to ponder. Although the Dalmatian puppy grows rapidly from the chubby eight week old to the leggy canine teenager, full growth may not be complete until twelve to fifteen months, even then there is a lot of "filling out" to be done. During this period a plentiful diet of good body-building food is essential - this will not be cheap. It is also during this time that the puppy will be at its most active and full of life and must have scope for plenty of play and free exercise. From the age of five or six months progressive amounts of regular daily road walking must be given to firm up muscles and feet and to teach manners in relation to people and other dogs.

Do visit some adult Dalmatian dogs and bitches, this will give you a good idea of their size and strength. A Dog Show is a good opportunity to see a number of Dalmatians together. It is often possible to visit adult Dalmatians in your own area. Consult the Club Secretary who will advise you of your District Representative.