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British Dalmatian Club Ch. Show 31 July 2021 at Ryton-on Dunsmore- Covid Guidelines.

This will be our first indoor show since Covid-19 while it is unlikely to be quite what we are used to we will endeavor to make it as enjoyable as possible. More..

The show opens at 0900. Judging of Bitches stars at 1000, Dogs at 1100.
To avoid pinch points, we have just one entrance and one exit, with a one way flow system in the hall.
Catalogues, for those who have ordered them, will be available by the entrance.
Cages will be allowed into the hall. You are requested to follow the instructions of committee members with regard to their placement.
If you need to see the Show Secretary , please see her after setting up your cages.
Visitors / Spectators are requested to give their contact details, name, phone number and email, to the secretary. NB. Exhibitors details are on their entry forms.
Those attending the show are encouraged to wear mask if they can, in accordance with Government Guidelines to wear masks in crowded areas.
Your judges will be wearing masks when they go over your dogs, we ask that you respond appropriately.
You are expected to show the dog's teeth unless directed otherwise.
Don't forget to bring a chair.... and any return trophies you may have.

Good luck to everyone. I hope you have a lovely time.

John Moate
Chairman / Covid Officer

Last Updated 25th July 2021