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Kennel Club Rejects some BAER test results

BAER hearing test results - the importance of observing the Kennel Club requirements

The Kennel Club has advised that it has had to reject several requests to record historical test results under the KC BAER Hearing Test Scheme, due to the tests not complying with the required protocol. The most common reason is that the puppies may have been microchipped before testing, but they have not been registered with the KC.

To be absolutely clear, in order for test results to be published under the KC BAER Hearing Test Scheme all puppies/adults:-

must be microchipped before testing; and
must be registered with the Kennel Club before testing.

It is only by complying with these requirements that a reliable database of results can be established, where there is an unequivocal association between the identity of the Dalmatian, its registration and its BAER status. As most people are aware, the database which is being compiled will allow Estimated Breeding Values to be applied to the selection of potential mating combinations which would reduce the probability of hearing impairment in the resultant progeny.

The protocol also enables monitoring of whether whole litters are tested or not. Obviously, this has an impact on the reliability of EBV's.

Finally, the protocol will prevent unscrupulous breeders from fraudulently issuing a copy of a bilateral hearing certificate with the sale of a unilaterally hearing puppy, as has occurred in the past.

Last Updated 23rd April 2015