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Donate A Cup To The New Joint Club Championship Show

The UK Dalmatian Clubs are inviting the donation of new cups for the joint championship show.

Joint Show Trophy Allocation It has been agreed by the Dalmatian Clubs Joint Officers to allocate some new trophies for the new Joint Championship show in February 2008. The new trophies will become the property of the Joint Dalmatian clubs in the event of the dissolution of the Joint Clubs show It is hoped that at least 5 class trophies will be available to members with at least 15 years membership of any of the Dalmatian Clubs. The trophies should have space for engraving and be silver or silver plate (not glass) and be suitable for use as a perpetual trophy. In the case of there being more applicants than trophies on offer we intend to hold a draw to take place at the NoEDC Open show on October 14th 2007 . This will allow time for the successful applicant to purchase and engrave a trophy. A draw for the class will take place at the same time. Unfortunately it will not be possible for successful applicants to designate which class their trophy is for. Applications should be made in writing (or by email) before October 8th to: Mrs Pat Wilson Newholme, Hames lane Newton Regis Tamworth Staffs B79 0NH Email: Details required: Please include your details of designated club membership and approximate year of joining. Only one application per member/partnership will be allowed to enter into the draw, even if you belong to all 4 clubs.

Last Updated 30th July 2007