Club History
The British Dalmatian Club started life as the Southern Dalmatian Club in 1925, by 1930 it had increased its membership to cover the whole country, so it decided to rename itself to reflect this. At this time the club was blessed with having some very loyal and hardworking officers and committee members.

The First President of the B.D.C
The first President of the B.D.C. was a Mr Fred Kemp with Dr Charles Hackney of Ch.Snow Leopard fame being elected its first secretary and treasurer. In 1930 the B.D.C. held its first speciality show with 143 Dalmatians being entered.

Gaining Championship Status
In 1933 the club gained its championship status and held championship shows annually thereafter with the exception of the WW2 years of 1940/5. In 1937 a Mr Charles Clover was appointed the club's honorary secretary and treasurer, offices he held for 27 years. He was unique in that he carried out these two functions with great success, although he did not own a Dalmatian, thereby showing a great love for the breed.

The essential objectives of the club are:

To maintain the popularity of the Breed.
To publish the Kennel Club Standard of the Breed and to urge upon all Breeders, Owners & Judges the adoption of this as the only recognised Standard by which all Dalmatians are judged.
To support the breeding of pedigree Dalmatians according to the breed Standard.
To hold breed shows and to induce Canine Societies to provide Dalmatian Classes at their shows and to offer full support to those shows where a suitable classification together with a BDC approved Judge is provided.
To produce and support an agreed Code of Conduct for the breeding and welfare of the Dalmatian.
To actively support a Rescue Service for those Dalmatians which through no fault of there own need such a service.
To provide Breed educational functions and social events for the benefit of its members.

The BDC Club Hand Book
In 1934 the club produced its first club handbook and today publishes a new one every 3 or 4 years. The Club started a newsletter for club members in 1947 which today is published on a quarterly basis.

Crufts Entry
In 1968, Ch Fanhill Faune became the first and to date the only Dalmatian to be awarded the title of Supreme Champion at Crufts. The Club hosted the first World Dalmatian Congress in London in 1980 featuring lectures and talks on Dalmatians from enthusiasts around the world including some from those countries under the influence of the old Soviet Union at that time.

Club Associated Schemes
In 1992 the Club entered into a scheme in conjunction with the Animal Health Trust for the electronic testing of litters of puppies for deafness in the breed. These tests use the modern BAER techniques and are voluntarily undertaken by club members for the benefit of the breed. Following great efforts by a some members of the club in rescuing and helping Dalmatians in need for a number of years prior to 1966 the club then established its wide embracing welfare scheme to rescue Dalmatians in need. Today testing is done by Vets, or accredited testers with certificates counter signed by Vets. A list of test centres is available on the Health, Hearing page.