Club Committee 2023 / 2024
British Dalmatian Club Committee

British Dalmatian Club Committee 2023 / 2024
Seated (Left to Right)
Mr S Harrison-Stratford – Hon. Treasurer
Mrs J Hopkin – Hon. Secretary, Assistant Webmaster
Mrs C McCarthy - President
Mr J Moate – Chairman, Webmaster
Stood (Left to Right)
Ms M Hobbs - Club Facebook and Instagram Administrator
Mrs H Howard - Cup Steward
Mrs S Stevenson – Vice-President
Mr K Williams - Show Manager, Health & Safety
Mrs L Probert - Spots of News Editor
Miss S Baker – Show Secretary
Mr G Townsend – Assistant Show Manager
Mr E Russell – Vice-President
Mrs E Tillson – Vice-Chairman, Chief Steward, Breeding Practices
Miss J Wright - Events Coordinator, Discover Dogs at Crufts. First Aid