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You've got to be mad to breed dalmatians!!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:47 pm    Post subject: You've got to be mad to breed dalmatians!! Reply with quote

People often spot a dalmatian, ask how much they cost and then speculate loudly how nice it must be to be a breeder, implying that breeders must be rolling in money.

My friends here have a beautiful litter of 10 pups who are now 7 weeks old. Time to register them and get them PEA (BAER)tested. So this week they sent off the SCC registrations 25 per puppy so 250 cheque. On Tuesday they had to go to the vet for their microchipping and first vaccination (all dogs must be identified here before they can be tested) another 45 per puppy so cheque for 450 and the vet took the chance to recuperate the bill of 100 that they'd run up over last few weeks for wormers/flea treatment, bits and pieces etc etc.

Today at 4.00 am I sneaked out past my sleeping dogs and husband to arrive at their house at 4.45 in order to help Anne take the pups the 650 km round trip to get their little ears tested. Loading up the car was fun as pups weigh over 5 kg each and we had to have two Varikennels - one with boys and one with girls - which, when loaded with their wiggling cargo weighed over 30 kg each. A bag full of clean towels and bedding, dustbin liners and wet wipes and a cool bag with our picnic and off we set at 5.00 am with a car full of puppies loudly protesting that we appeared to have forgotten their breakfast. Good job they hadn't been fed as three were sick before the first half hour had elapsed. Fortunately all 3 were in the same cage (mmmmm smelly) so a quick pitstop to clean up and on the way again. After protesting sadly for a while they all dropped off to sleep and we drove on until 7.30 when we stopped for a quick coffee and croissant for us - naturally sitting in car outside the services to make sure our precious cargo was safe. Arrived at the veterinary centre in Perigeux at 10 to 9 and then had fun trying to get them all out to have a pee and a poo before our appointment and clean up the cages for the return trip. Here they give all the pups a light anaesthetic to do the BAER tests so armed with a load of cages we did a human chain of pup on table, test done, pup on other table for 5 mins with one of us holding it til it came round then next and so on. Fortunately no deaf puppies, but 7 bilateral hearing and 3 unilaterals. A few anxious moments whilst the two reserved for other breeders and show homes were tested. Thankfully the 3 unis are all already reserved to pet homes (always a relief as it is so disappointing if the pick of litter turns out to be a uni) and their owners are all OK with the results. After all had been tested and the paperwork done it was 11.30 and time for us to load up the sleepy pups and head off. The vets thanked us nicely and took another cheque for 500 (50 per puppy) for the pleasure of our company.

By now temperatures soaring into the 30s so aircon on and can't really stop. We found a shady service area and pulled in for our picnic - leaving all the doors open so the babies didn't overheat. That woke them up and they spent the remaining hour and a half of the journey complaining loudly about their overwhelming hunger.

Arrived back at their house at 3.30 - puppies overjoyed to be reunited with their dinner and their mum. We've now been away from home nearly 13 hours and spent 100 on diesel and motorway tolls.

So the total this week spent on the puppies is 1400 and that doesn't even begin to take in the money that the breeders have spent for equipment, the stud fee and food, the puppy packs and the insurance plus their time and effort. Of course all this money has to spent our before any comes back in the way of puppy sales. A couple of the puppies can't go for a few more weeks due to rabies vaccinations being required before they can leave for their new homes so more expense to be met. This litter all went well, if they'd had to have a Caesarean or some other huge vet bill the costs would be much greater.

Got back home at 5.00 pm absolutely worn out (and I don't have to feed and clean them again tonight) and thought that you have to be barmy to breed dogs. I certainly don't think too many good breeders are rolling in money from their efforts!
Maggi, Caper & Poppy (Hon. Spot)- Banjoliers, Faithful Followers and Forum Wanderers.
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Joined: 18 Jun 2010
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You're a very good friend Maggi. Having said that your post did make me laugh. Poor puppies! I have visions of you doing rugby passes in the vets.

Very good that no deaf pups so a really worthwhile trip. I must say I watched the video of Donothings puppies, and blimey, don't they make a noise. I assumed they were asleep or maybe gently whickering not like a flock of seagulls. You must have had a noisy trip as well as smelly and hot
Valerie, Cassie and Alfred the Great
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:37 pm    Post subject: Puppies Reply with quote

I am glad the litter all passed their hearing tests, and they had a good day out if nothing else Smile.

I have actually added a list of costs of breeding to my site in the hope to put people off if nothing else, and this does not count the extra fuel bills keeping a room constantly warm, additional time off work until all pups are re-homed, puppy sitters for when you have to go to work, the lack of sleep from sleeping on the sofa for a week or more so you are there when "mum" decides suddenly in the middle of the night she want to go out for a wee as she has left if for as long as possible, ignoring your requests earlier as it meant leaving her babies, and the heartache of losing a pup or two. Someone did say to me the other day that you will find yourself in the garden, rocking yourself with a large drink in your hand asking "why did we do this".
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